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Good news: on June 1, 2020, Tensen & Nolte, the infection prevention specialist in the Netherlands, became part of Sansidor. Nowadays, fighting infections has the highest priority.

With Tensen & Nolte, we offer advice, inspections and training in the prevention of infections in healthcare, dental practices and private clinics.

New strong Sansidor brand: Tensen & Nolte

Welcome on board! On June 1, 2020, Aquative became part of Sansidor. This specialist in the field of (drinking) water provides services regarding the entire spectrum of water inspections (including legionella). Aquative also solves bacteriological problems through technical adjustments or by cleaning pipe routes.

Water specialist Aquative on board

So much stronger together: Sansidor has combined BioLab and Immolab. Nevertheless, BioLab (and especially the web store) remains unprecedentedly popular. That’s why this site and webshop are still in the air. In particular, the demand for legionella products is big.

Webshop BioLab remains incredibly popular

Good water quality is necessary in healthcare institutions. After all, patients and residents are vulnerable. In 2019 and 2020, Aquative renovated the complete piping system for nursing home “Het Zonnehuis” in Zwolle.

Water technical advisor Arjan Jansen: “For us, this was a special and complex project. By closely working together with the customer, we managed to get things done timely.” Curious about the services of Aquative? Check out the website:

Renovation piping system nursing home “Het Zonnehuis”

After the revolutionary asbestos approach of Stella Lab in the Netherlands, the company is now ready for growth abroad. Thanks to the very efficiently equipped asbestos laboratory, significant steps have been taken over the past months. “We have noticed that there is a great need for our direct approach and speedy service in Germany and Belgium. Individuals and companies now know where to find us,” says Stella Lab Director Jaap van den Berg. For more information visit:

Stella Lab crosses borders

Foreign Affairs has asked Margriet Tensen of Tensen & Nolte to join a team of experts to travel to Suriname in July 2020. Her expertise is crucial to limit a further outbreak of COVID-19 in Suriname. Margriet spent two weeks in Suriname. Together with the expert team of (among others) Radboudumc, major steps have been taken at many locations.

Tensen & Nolte fights COVID-19 in Suriname

Dick van Drooge and Paul Blahowetz sold “their” Immolab to Sansidor in 2018. Both had the wish to actively keep building on Immolab after the acquisition. So far, so good. “We now have a large network organization next to us. This helps accelerate our growth. Of course, the change has its impact and certainly is not always easy. But ultimately, it’s inspiring to work together with other entrepreneurs within this interesting network”, says Dick van Drooge.

How Immolab experiences acquisition?

Sansidor is a powerful and dynamic network of professionals in the fields of water, air, infection prevention, asbestos, building inspections and food safety. The real activity is in the local companies; Sansidor is the “vehicle” in which everything comes together. Sansidor itself is a small organization, but with the clout of an enormous network.
Dave van Zanten (Finance Manager) and Udo Waltman (General Manager) give face to the company. “Bring it on: Let’s Buy & Build. But let’s specifically do this together!” says Udo Waltman.

Dave van Zanten and Udo Waltman: the faces of Sansidor

How does the “legionella process” actually work. Purus provides a schematic explanation: A risk analysis maps everything out. Inspections provide checks on locations. Samples zoom in. Analyzes may or may not indicate exceedances.

If there is a problem, various methods (chemical or thermal for example) at the source can tackle the problem and clean (drinking) water is guaranteed!

The process towards cleaning after legionella finding

Every now and then it happens: Large office complex in Amsterdam goes “unexpectedly” locked until it is shown to be safe from asbestos. Of course on Friday afternoon. Can you analyze over 1000 samples in the next 36 hours? Take a look at each other, adjust weekend plans and go for it!

Stella: Large amount of SEM samples / short time

In the beginning we performed mainly the the first basic question for the chemical cleaning of pipe routes after bacteriological problems. We still do, but similarly, the customer is asking a much broader question. Replacement of check valves to complete adaptation of entire existing drinking water installations!

Purus technical adjustment

Frank Boomzaaier from Zorgbalans in Haarlem: It is unique that we have been working intensively with Immolab for so long – since 2002 (!) – for our water-related research and advice. Based on mutual trust, we can say anything to each other and thus keep us on our toes. Of course the quality must also be good, but that is always OK!

Immolab receives great compliment from customer

When asked by a number of combined care institutions for the elderly whether we wanted to provide all employees with HACCP (food safety) training every year, our answer was: No…. Let’s do it differently and more creative, small pop-up moments, break-out sessions, with digital resources, sometimes posters in the canteens, then training and sometimes unannounced audits. That really has an impact. And so it happened!

HACCP: HCN success story