2 May 2023

We are very pleased to announce that Entheq per May 1st, 2023 has also become part of Sansidor! Entheq is located in Oldenzaal, works nationwide and is a specialist in electrical testing and inspections. With a nice specialism in inspections in hospitals, but also more widely deployable as a specialist in the field. This takeover fits perfectly within the strategy to gain an even stronger position in the Netherlands (and beyond) on a number of building-related inspections, checks and advice. In addition to our specialisms in infection prevention and air investigations, we are experiencing strong growth with our water safety, fire safety and electrical testing and inspections divisions. Entheq will continue its own activities as the customers are used to and the involvement of the founder Martin Breukers will also remain unchanged. We look forward to this new collaboration, the opportunities for our customers and the steps we can take in mutual collaborations within the “division” electrical inspections. And of course we are especially looking forward to the cooperation with and between the new colleagues.

About Entheq

Entheq has a long history as an inspection company within the theme of safety, especially in the field of electrical installations, solar panel inspections and inspections of building-related installations. For different markets and sectors and with a large specialization in inspections within hospitals. In addition, Entheq provides affiliated training and advice. Entheq is located in Oldenzaal and can be deployed nationwide.

Martin Breukers – director – “Becoming part of Sansidor gives us a number of great opportunities. In the long term, we can make use of the support that Sansidor can offer on matters such as financial affairs, IT and human resources. The cooperation with the other brands enables us to serve our relations even better and, above all, to provide a wider range of services. The fact that little changes for the company and especially for colleagues appeals to me very much about Sansidor’s model and at the same time gives me the opportunity as a person to get back to working on the real profession and a little less on general matters. I am and always will be a technician.

About Sansidor

Sansidor is a fast-growing network of TIS (test, inspect and services) companies. We mainly focus on the themes of safety, health and sustainability. Many of our services have a repetitive character and are often based on buildings and spaces where people live, work or stay. We grow by adding companies that retain a high degree of independence. We support where possible and look for synergy opportunities between the companies. In this way we offer an interesting basis for all colleagues and we can provide our clients with increasingly broader services. We call this Buy and Build together. Sansidor is an investment of HC Partners and our motto is: Ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Udo Waltman – CEO – After intensive preparation with Martin and his advisors, we are pleased to announce that Entheq has become part of Sansidor. This acquisition fits perfectly within our growth ambition and in the picture of being able to place an increasingly broad portfolio of services and companies with Sansidor in the field of electrical testing and inspections. In 2022 we have grown rapidly with the addition of 5 new colleague companies and the ambition for 2023 is certainly no less. With the addition of Entheq, we are taking a nice step in this direction. We look forward to working with the new clients, with Martin as a salesman and his continued involvement & of course our new colleagues!

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