(future) colleagues

Your enthusiasm, our collective strength

Do you want to work in a forward-thinking network organization where we value you? This is exactly what Sansidor has to offer. We need you for your specialism and drive in testing, inspection, advice and training. What you get in return? A large network of like-minded specialists, and therefore plenty of room to develop.

Enthusiasm as a rock-solid basis

Our customers consciously choose the brand Sansidor, and the companies that represent our brand. At Sansidor, it’s all about relationships, expertise and knowledge. It’s up to you to further expand these core values. Your enthusiasm for the profession is what makes us strong. Giving your work a personal touch is much appreciated.

Reinforcing each other

You are certainly not on your own at Sansidor. We are a group of forward-thinking companies, constantly striving to reinforce each other. This also means you will get plenty of opportunities to develop yourself. Maybe you prefer evolving in your own field of expertise. But you can also spread your wings within the fast-growing network.

Our approach?

Sansidor itself interferes as little as possible with your work, your specialism and your execution. This is the responsibility for the individual company you work for. As a Sansidor group, we ensure that all preconditions are properly arranged. We are a relatively young organization, meaning not everything is worked out in detail. We see this as a joint growth path, which you can also influence yourself.

New content

On this page, we want to keep you informed of fun, interesting or relevant developments within Sansidor. As a direct colleague, please check this page regularly. Would you like to work with us? Be sure to keep an eye on our vacancies and our stories. After all, this is the place where we want to inspire current and future colleagues. And we might not have the right job for you now; don’t worry, a nice opportunity will certainly emerge.

Job opportunities Sansidor

Be sure to check the websites of our underlying brands and our social media platforms regularly for current vacancies.
Aside from that, at Sansidor we are always interested in talented and enthusiastic colleagues.

Therefore, do not hesitate to send an open application: info@sansidor.nl. Or contact us via our LinkedIn page.