20 April 2022

Sansidor is delighted to be able to call Xigna’s craftsmen full members of the Sansidor Club. Xigna is a company full of ‘WaterNERDS’, who have a deep passion for smart and safe water management with low operating costs. Sansidor is convinced that with this new acquisition, it will further improve and expand its services within the world of flood risk management.

Within the six sectors in which Sansidor is active – air, water, fire, electricity, infection prevention and SCIOS inspections – Xigna is justifiably a strong addition. As an expert bureau, Xigna investigates, inspects and advises in the field of water safety. The specializations legionella, swimming pool water and process water management are in high demand.

Now that Xigna has become part of Sansidor, customers of all Sansidor companies can benefit from Xigna’s knowledge and expertise. That fits within the Buy & Build. Together strategy that Sansidor is pursuing, says Udo Waltman, director of Sansidor: “We want to build a broad portfolio of strong, local companies within our TIC network. Xigna is exactly such a party: transparent, pragmatic and full of passion. Together we want to build on that and utilize the power of the total network.”

Erwin Nijlant and Clemens Stemerdink, who are the directors of Xigna, will remain closely involved with Xigna. Nijlant: “We sometimes call ourselves OENs at Xigna: Open, Honest and Curious. We are happy that Sansidor is also one of those OENs, and we feel completely at home in the network. We maintain our close-knit group, while at the same time making use of the scale and knowledge sharing of a larger club. That is of course fantastic.”

Sansidor continues to grow in this way, further developing within the Testing, Inspection & Certification industry. In the coming year, Sansidor hopes to add new players to the team of specialist companies from all over the Netherlands.

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